Get 1GB every moth free Internet New Banglalink Sim.

★1GB bonus every month. 
Get 4GB free internet on any amount recharge with new connection.
Customers activated from 29th April, 2016 will get 1GB bonus every month with a total of 4 GB internet bonus on any amount recharge(tk. 10 or more).
Customers must have to recharge any amount to get first installment (tk. 10 or more)customers must have any main account charging activity on the 30th, 60th and 90th day to get rest of the data bonus installment each 1GB data bonus will have 15 days validity. 
★check bonus data balance dial *124*1010#
★usage window: 12am to 12pm.
★get the best call-rate upon recharging tk.19, tk.39 &tk.59 on your new connection.

Offers Details :
banglalink prepaid customers who have started using their connection on or after 29th April, 2016new customers will get special tariff of 25p/min on-net & 60p/min off-net with 1 second pulse on recharging exact tk. 19/39/59 at a time. special tariff of tk. 39 and tk. 59 recharge will be applicable only on first recharge tk. 39 and tk.59 recharge points will be restricted for rest of the banglalink customer base during offer period the special tariff validity for , tk.39 and tk.
★Tk.19 will be 7 days.
★Tk.39 15 days.
★Tk.59 30 days. 
respectively additionally, customers will get 39 min and 59 min bonus talk-time respectively on the first tk. 39 and tk. 59 recharge. 
★check bonus minute balance dial *124*7#bonus validity will be 15 days and 30 days respectively for tk. 39 and tk.59 recharge and can be used to all local numbers (except fnf & sfnf) special tariffs will not be applicable for bonus usage customers availing this offer will not be eligible for any other special tariff or bonus offer customers can un-subscribe from the offer by dialing *166*237# which will be effective after 12am that day after sending the de-registration request.
★ if the customers recharge tk. 19 by 12:00am that day, then s/he will get the special tariff offer for 07 more days the special tariff call rate will not be applicable after de-registration after de-registration, customers will go back to their previous tariff plan for new customer, in case of package transfer, the special tariff will be deactivated to enjoy this tariff again, customer has to migrate back by dialing *999*1*146# and then recharge tk. 19 exactly.

enjoy the following benefits with your start your new prepaid connection

pre-loaded tk.5 balance with 15 day validly which can be used for any banglalink service lifetime validity for any amount recharged during the existing valid period 50MB bonus internet will be valid for 3 days after receiving bonus to know your outstanding internet balance,
★dial *124*5#send up to 50 free sms to any banglalink number, valid for 10 daysto
★check your bonus sms, dial *124*4#get the banglalink tune absolutely free for 30 days on amar tunethe amar tune service will start 6 days after the first outgoing callthe amar tune service will stop after 1 month of useto extend the subscription, the subscriber needs to write start and sms to 2222 numberto one special fnf number, enjoy 5 paisa/ 10 seconds from 12 am to 4 pm and 10 paisa / 10 second from 4 pm to 12 amcall any number at 18.67 paisa/ 10 second 24 hours a day.
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