Spoken English - ইংরেজি শিখুন App

আমরা যারা ইংরেজি তে কথা বলতে বা শিখতে আগ্রহী তারা বিভিন্ন বাবে চেষ্টা করি তাদের জন্য এই সকল ইংরেজি শিখার এপ্স।
আমাদের কে ইংরেজি শিখতে সাহায্য করে থাকেন এই সকল এপ্স নিমাতা প্রতিষ্ঠান গুলে। আমরা আমাদের Android ফোনে যে কোন জাগায় পড়তে পাড়ি।
Spoken english to bangla is an educational apps in bangla which will help you to learn english in bangla. Actually it is like an english speaking course in bangla Now a days learning english spoken is very essential. For learning english spoken one must know the english grammar for Bangladesh. English learning in bangla is very necessary for bengali people.

Features :

>> Learn Alphabet

>> Learn important english word with bangla i.e. english vocabulary bangla

>> Learn english grammar bangla best is to learn a full english grammar book in bangla.

>> Learn english to bengali or bengali to english translation and also improve english vocabulary learning with bangla meaning.

>> Keeping a english to bengali dictionary and a bengali to english dictionary for english to bangla translation and bangla to english translation can be made very easily.

>> Use the english to bengali conversation in the app now and then so that you may become fluent in english to bangla conversation.

>> speaking english book with bangla to learn english to bangla translation and english to bengali translation for spoken english bangla.

You will find so many english to bangla dictionary free that works offline. You can learn english vocabulary bangla from there. Then there are some mind blowing rules for spoken english bengali made very easy. In this english learning in bangla app you will discover these rules. You will find yourself very comfortable with our learning english free apps. Because each lesson is made very easy for easy learning english in bangla. At the end of each english spoken bangla lesson you will find yourself satisfactory with english speaking very fluently and will be very efficient in spoken english .

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What's New :

কিছু বাগধারা ও বাক্যাংশ (Idioms & phrases) যোগ করা হয়েছে।

File Info :

File Name : Spoken English - ইংরেজি শিখুন 1.5.apk
File Size : 4.4 MB
Version : 1.5
Requires Android : 2.3 and up

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