Robi New Islamic Package Noor

Robi New Islamic Package Noor
It is the first ever Islamic Mobile Package in Bangladesh

Connection benefits
No Interest

Revenue generated from the users of this pack with be deposited in Banks that follow Islamic Shariah system.

No Irrelevant Promotional SMS from Robi.

No unnecessary/irrelevant Promotional SMSs will be sent to the customers from Robi.

Access to Islamic Ayojon (Discounted Islamic VAS Services)

Noor Pack users will have the opportunity to avail various Islamic content and services at a discounted rate.

Users upon activation of Noor pack can access Islamic Ayojon by dialing *123*786#
Dial *123*786*1*1# for Islamic TV (Islamic videos, telefilms, songs and also Makkah and Madinah live TV channel) - TK 5 for 7 days, Non-renewal Dial *123*786*2*1# to access to Islamic speeches by recognized Islamic preachers, Hadis, Duas, Islamic stories and also to receive solutions to any Islamic queries  -TK 5 for 7 days, Non-renewal Dial *123*786*3*1# for WAP services including Quran recitations, prayer timings, Islamic ghazals and songs, important Duas and also Islamic wallpapers - TK 5 for 7 days, Non-renewal Dial *123*786*4*1# for Islamic cinema,  videos and telefilms - TK 5 for 7 days, Non-renewal Dial *123*786*5*1*1# to set Azaan Goongoon (free for 30 days).
Dial *123*786*5*2# to set your preferred Goongoon tune (regular tariff)
Donation for Development Funds.

1% of the revenue generated (the first six months after launch of campaign) from new subscribers will be donated to development funds.

Noor-Noor Rate:

7 paisa/10 sec

Base Rate:

Noor Pack - Other operators (including Robi/Airtel): 20.775 paisa/10 sec

Activation Bonus 5TK bonus on the main account, with 15 days validity. 50 free SMS on any local number. Usage time 24 hours. Validity 30 days. 50 paisa/SMS will be charged after 30 days. Usage time 24 hours Validity 30 days 50 paisa/SMS will be charged after 30 days. New Noor pack customers can get up to 5 GB internet at discounted price - First recharge must be exact 34TK to avail this offer. (34 TK will be added to the main account)

1GB internet at only 9 TK on easy load recharge:

After Tk. 34 first-time easyload recharge, 1GB of Internet can be purchased @ Tk. 9 Easyload recharge

Validity: 7 calendar days (including day of receiving)Internet
Usage Time: 24 hours
Limit: Maximum 1 time in 1 month (30 days) for 5 months from the first-time recharge date of Tk. 34
Repeat Uptake: 1 GB internet pack purchase is restricted within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase of the pack.

Any recharge of Tk. 9 within the 30-day restriction period will be treated as a normal Main Account Balance and no 1GB internet pack will be disbursed.

General Conditions:

User will activate the package upon knowing all the terms and conditions. If technical or other problem arises, Robi will not be responsible. On account of multiple recharges within the running validity period, the new longer validity period will be activated. One handset is eligible to receive the recharge-based (Tk. 34 and Tk. 9 recharge) discounted internet offers only once, irrespective of activating multiple SIMs. If a user has availed a 1 GB internet pack, then in every calendar day he will be able to use 250 MB in regular speed and then his usage will take place from the assigned pack in a throttled speed (128 kbps). Regular speed will resume from 00:00 hours of the next calendar day. Unused Internet value will not be carry forwarded. Validity will be considered including the recharged day. To migrate to this Pack, please dial *123*0077#

Main Account Balance*222#
Bonus SMS*222*12#

5% Supplementary Duty (SD) , 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable (except on Islamic services) 

Charges for other services will remain the same. Robi can change the offer anytime. Noor customers can avail all the existing rate-cutter offers. After an existing Robi customer migrates to Noor Package, it will take 24 hours for Robi to ensure the customer receives all the promised benefits of the Pack.

The offer will be continued till further notice.
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