Hellobox STB Remote For Android SmartPhone


Hellobox stb

Dear Hellobox stb user, i have a Hellobox stb. but my Hellobox stb remote broken. I'm search Hellobox box remote, but I'm not fund Hellobox remote on search result. 

But I'm try to this remote work some time i use Mi Remote (AEG Set-Top Box) But not perfect work, Try another remote, I'm browsing Hellobox official web site.  

Some people question Hellobox Remote controler Hellobox V5 plus from


but not perfect answer. Again some time try to get perfect Hellobox Android remote on Mi Remote Set-Top Box list - Turman is perfect for Hellobox box work in.

Hellobox Remote for Android phone

Working Process :

1) at first you need a ir remote supported Android phone.
2) Now Download Mi Remote App
3) Now open mi remote app touch + Symbol then touch set-top box option.
4) Now touch search box, then open search box after write Truman. then selected Truman, after  pairing Set-Top box. and enjoy...

Note : first time need data/wifi connection.

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