Welcome to FoortiTune Privacy Policy
Before using FoortiTune Website, you should to know it's privacy policy for the many reason as data or information security what you share and we collect.

Use of Cookies:
As is controlled by using Blogger CMS, this site collect traffic source specialy visitor using what kind of Operating system, from where (location), what time zone etc by helping of Google Content Management System, Web Master Tool etc. This site is also provided by Google Analytics. It uses cookies to track visitor usage. We will save a cookie to your using computers Hard Drive, but will not store, save or collect personal information.

Contact & Communication System:
If you contact with this website or its owner and provide any such personal information, this will be requested at your own risk. But remember, according to the Data Protection Act 1998, your personal data and in formations are kept private and stored securely.

Email Newsletter:
We run email newsletter program in their site and used to inform subscribers about recent posts by this website. Any user can subscribe our site through an online automated process, though will not take the risk what kind of activity of this automated precess provider but hopeful that they should to do so. And also you have to remembered that FoortiTune and its owners use any information that submitted and provided by you. If you already have submitted to our newsletter and you want to leave us by email, you can turn off subscriptions newsletter when you get newsletter in your email account.

External Links:
We may use external links in this site because sometime we need to give you exact and accurate information so that you can know more. Specially we use external link of,, etc.
Advertisement and Google Adsens:
As FoortiTune is a commercial website, it may contain sponsored link and advertisement like Google AdSens. If you click on this link or image, those will send you to the advertisement website from recent website.

Social Media Platforms:
This website uses different social media platform like,, etc to share with another, collecting your opinion about our blog post. If you share any post by using social media button that is on the bottom of each post, it will show on your time line. Similar for the reaction on the post.

Comment Policy:
We are very strict on the behavior of your comment. We don't allow SPAM, Hating Speech, Violence, Promotion in comment section. Don't share your email and other personal information. We are not liable if someone collect your personal information from comment section. If you need to contact me, just message me through this link.